We asked some presbytery leaders about their hopes for the coming year. Here’s what they said.

My hopes for 2022 would be that we may continue to grow in faith in our Presbytery living out the gospel in diversity, love and care for each other and the wider community around us.

Anneke Oppewal – Presbytery Minister,  Pastoral Care


I’m hoping for some breaks through the year when we get to have fun, enjoying one another’s company, trying new foods, and celebrating the adventurous steps we’ve taken together. I’m looking forward to more stories from congregations, agencies and schools that remind us that we’re a people of good news, not just for us but for the communities we live and work in. At the end of 2022 I’d like to look back on a year of growing healthy relationships and faith-filled living.

Duncan Macleod – Presbytery Minister, Team Leader


My hope for 2022 is looking forward to another grateful year as God is good and perfect. Even though we have been facing unforeseen circumstances because of COVID, I have strong faith in my Lord that he will make a way to escape, that I may be able to bear it (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Anne Kim – Presbytery Secretary


That congregations are able to recover financially from problems over the last 2 years and continue to be viable. Also, that PPE can continue to expand in the growth corridors.

Jeff Gardner – Presbytery Treasurer

My hopes for 2022 would be; an increasing awareness of – and gratitude for – all God has done for us in Jesus Christ; for all God is doing and, whatever the circumstances, for all God will do in and through even us, a genuine growth in courage, joy and trust in the Presbytery; and a renewed, refreshed sense of purpose for all communities of faith – members, ministry agents and ministers.

Fiona Winn – Minister at Armadale Uniting Church & member of Standing Committee

I hope that PPEP Congregations maintain the property for which they have ‘responsible body status’ as good stewards, enabling their missional activity to continue as witnessing Christians. My aspirations are for the development projects at Ormond, St Leonard’s Brighton, Melbourne Korean Church, Cheltenham, Edithvale and Pakenham to proceed without further delay and that the Money For Mission Fund sale of property at Dandenong Nth, Gardiner PreSchool, with the subsequent investments finalised.

Gavin Faichney – Chair of Property Committee

Even in the a world preoccupied with a global pandemic and the pressing reality of natural disasters, there are still pockets of God’s goodness happening all around us. My hope is that 2022 will be a year where we can all be a part of bringing these moments to reality across the Presbytery.

Kelly Skilton – Convenor, Mission & Leadership Development Committee


My hope for 2022 is that we will hear what the Spirit is saying about how we might reconnect with our local communities and in particular be with those who have been struggling the most in recent times. I also hope that we might continue to embrace some of the online avenues for faith development that we have played with over the last couple of years.

Craig Mitchell – Presbytery Minister, Church Development


My hopes for 2022 involve seeing my daughter who lives overseas and getting the opportunity to travel to her. For the church and particularly for Murrumbeena Uniting. I hope and pray for connections, directions for mission and the opportunities to be God’s people in the community that surrounds us.

Jay Robinson – Minister, Murrumbeena Uniting Church, Convenor of Pastor Committee