For ease of access, here are downloads for the 2024 Synod Grants.

Mission Grant Form 2023 – Mission Grant Fund

Mission Grant Form 2023 – Bequests

Mission Grant Form 2023 – Capital

Congregational Debt Relief Grant Form 2023

1. Mission or Ministry Program – Innovation and Collaboration

These grants will come from the Mission Reserve Fund established in 2021. The purpose of these grants is “to assist innovative and collaborative projects that creatively address missional and ministry needs arising from congregations and presbyteries.” The focus of these grants is on projects that are regional or for multiple congregation projects rather than for single congregations.

2. Ministry or Mission Program – Kilmany Trust Fund, WJ Craig Memorial Trust, Harold Hughes Estate

These three funds are, broadly speaking, to assist children, youth or families who are disadvantaged, in necessitous circumstances, or have medical or high care needs. The purpose of these grants is “to assist UCA entities who are seeking funding to support mission programs and ministries and are unable to fully fund the program from their own resources.”

3. Capital Works Program

The purpose of these grants is “to assist UCA entities who are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of buildings on UCA property and are unable to fully pay for the proposed works including essential maintenance costs or compliance requirements.”  Funds include the Early Childhood Building Maintenance Relief Fund and the Capital Works Fund.

4. Congregational Debt Relief Grants

The four grant application forms each contain details about grant purposes, eligibility criteria, and the information required for an application. The latter is quite detailed.

The presbytery can assist congregations in preparing grant applications, however we are unable to do all of the work for you. Completed proposals need to be submitted to the appropriate presbytery committee which then considers providing an endorsement. This is a requirement of the process.

Once you have read and understood the grant criteria and application form, you may contact Craig Mitchell, David Higham, or Jeff Gardner to discuss your proposals. Congregations considering Capital Works Programs are also encouraged to contacted the PPE Property Committee directly.

The presbytery needs to receive applications by Friday 2 June so that we have opportunity to consider them in committees and have the opportunity to converse with applicants if we believe that further work is needed to make the application as robust as possible. The earlier that we have conversations with you about possible applications, or receive applications, the more we will be able to assist in the process. The time frame is short.

Be aware that many churches across the synod will seek assistance. Please approach this opportunity prayerfully and with a sense of discernment regarding God’s call to ministry and mission in your area.

Craig Mitchell

Presbytery Minister- Church Development