The Finance & Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing the Presbytery’s budget and reporting on income and expenditure. Core work for this committee is the gathering of information on mission and service giving and assessment of financial health of congregations.

Work in 2021 includes work with Synod to build a stronger understanding of the mission and service program in congregations, as well as a clarification of how mission and service giving is allocated.

A new aspect of work for this committee is risk assessment and mitigation for the Presbytery and congregations. A risk profile for the Presbytery is being developed.

The Finance & Risk Committee is working on training needs analysis for local congregations around finance and risk management.

Chair: Chris Begg
Members: Sue Lyons, Jenny Strahan, Pam Campbell, Tom Spurling, Duncan Macleod.
Treasurer: Jeff Gardner

Download the 2021 Uniting Church Treasurers Manual, which has updates including:

  1. Employing Staff – Hiring a new employee is an important decision. A new guide is included with Steps to employing staff and associated frequently asked questions.
  2. Updates to payroll sections – New legislative now requires employers to Single Touch Payroll to report salaries and wages, PAYG and Super to the ATO each time you pay staff.
  3. Portable Long Service Leave for Community Service Workers only. New legislation now requires Long Service Leave contributions to be made to the Portable Long Service Leave Authority. For the Uniting Church only Community Service workers may be entitled.
  4. Dealing with the ATO – how to advise the Australian Tax Office of change of contact person and new Not For Profit helpline.
  5. Transfer to a new treasurer – what needs happen when you cease being the treasurer.
  6. Updated of contacts and links

See the Synod’s resources on risk management.