During Pandemic Conditions

Over this time of crisis, church councils continue to carry responsibility for the congregation’s wellbeing and function. Online meetings are just as legal as in-the-room meetings. The same principles of our usual meetings apply – ensure that all members of church council are informed about how the meetings will be held, and that decisions made are recorded and communicated appropriately.

There are some ways we can address the need for ongoing decision making when we can’t meet together in the one place.

  1. Delegate to a smaller executive the responsibility for making week by week decisions.
  2. Use Zoom or Facebook Groups, or a similar online video conferencing platform, to hold meetings of the Church Council. Both platforms allow for video access on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices, as well as audio access by phone.
  3. Make decisions using email.

Healthy Church Council Training

See our post on the Healthy Church Council training program run in 2020, along with a collection of useful resources for church council chairs, secretaries and members.