Across our region, church members are regularly involved in leading worship and in lay preaching in a variety of ways. This sharing of gifts is part of the richness of our congregations’ life and witness.

Within the presbytery there are approximately 35 accredited Lay Preachers, with several people also training as candidates for this ministry. The ministry of Lay Preacher is a voluntary ministry in which people freely offer their gifts. While Lay Preachers most often serve within the congregation where they are members, from time to time they may be invited to preach elsewhere.

A member of the Church who is recognised as a Lay Preacher may conduct services of worship in the Congregation in which such Lay Preacher holds membership and in any other Congregation to which the Lay Preacher may be invited by the Minister, or where there is no Minister in placement the Church Council. [Reg. 2.2.3(b)]

Preparation to become a Lay Preacher involves having a person’s call confirmed by their Church Council, and recognised by their Presbytery. Lay Preachers in training (Lay Preacher candidates) and accredited Lay Preachers remain under the oversight of their Church Council and Presbytery.

There is a synod-approved training course offered online through eLM supplemented by group learning and individual mentoring.

Our presbytery shares with eLM in offering training and continuing education programs for worship leaders and preachers.

Click here for more information about the ministry of Lay Preacher.

Here is a link to the Synod Lay Preachers Association.

Our Presbytery Lay Preacher contact is Pastor Di Paterson. Contact Di or the Presbytery secretary for further information.