The Assembly has released a new worship resource to help Uniting Church communities process and reflect on the result of the October 2023 referendum. The referendum would have enshrined an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament in the Constitution but failed to receive the support required.

The resource includes full liturgies and shared rituals, almost 20 prayers and questions for your community to reflect on together. Contributions to the resource have been offered from across the national Uniting Church and compiled by the Assembly Resourcing Unit.

Please click here to download the resource.

In her Foreword to the resource President Rev Sharon Hollis acknowledged the range of emotions that people in the Uniting Church may be feeling in response to the result.

“As we process the results of the referendum I firstly want to acknowledge the deep grief of many First Nations people, including members of Congress, who long for recognition and to be heard in their own land.”

“I acknowledge the many Uniting Church people who prayed, hoped and voted for a change to the Constitution who now feel disappointed and dismayed. I acknowledge those in the Uniting Church who may have voted no to this change for a range of reasons.”

“I commend this resource to you. It has prayers, liturgies and rituals that will hold your communities and give voice to our feelings before God and in the company of our fellow travellers.”

The Uniting Church Assembly proudly supported a Yes vote through the referendum campaign. This position was informed by our Covenant with the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress which compels us to walk and work together as First and Second Peoples for the justice and reconciliation which is God’s dream for the whole creation.

As affirmed in a statement on referendum night, the Assembly remains fully committed to the full implementation of the Statement from the Heart.