The Mission and Leadership Development Committee (MLDC)’s work includes identifying and developing mission strategies across the Presbytery.

The committee ensures that there’s an ongoing education program in the Presbytery, including Code of Ethics Training, Safe Church Training, training of congregation office bearers, training and support for people involved in pastoral care, training around worship, including sacraments.

Developmental work includes missional leadership, training and assessment for lay preachers and people in Ministry of Pastor.

The MLDC is sponsoring growth in lifelong discipleship, by resourcing congregations through the Presbytery website and social media, running seminars on blended faith formation in a digital world, training for leaders in forming missional disciples, and collaborating with eLM (equipping Leadership for Mission) in offering training.

MLDC is picking up on work on multicultural congregations and cross-cultural leadership capacity already underway.

Chair: Ennis Macleod
Members: Berlin Guerrero, David Higham, Heeyoung Lim, Hans Tilstra, Semisi Tauali’i, Tracie Mulia, Joy Blamires, Graham Bartley.
Presbytery Minister: Craig Mitchell

Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm.