Meeting Together is part of a new series of resources to assist church committees and groups to meet in healthy ways by increasing positive attitudes and decreasing negative attitudes and behaviours. As the people of God we sometimes find that our hopes and good intentions are sidetracked by a range of group problems. These can include abuse of power, poor meeting procedures, lack of transparency in decision-making, mistrust, and other issues.

The Meeting Together Workbook will assist councils, committees and groups in the Uniting Church to work more collaboratively, to understand the role of their group and leadership in the wider life of the church, and to respond to with poor behaviour in meetings. It can help to build the capacity in our members to meet and work together well, to respect and listen to one another, and to value each person’s voice. It looks at the Scriptures and what we believe, the Basis of Union, the Manual for Meetings, and other resources. The booklet includes 14 short sections that can each be used to start discussion, plus resources for community building.

The resources were produced by the Presbytery eLM ministers, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

Download the booklet here (link to the VicTas Synod web page).