Pastor Riak Kiir reflects on a theme from our Newsbeat, “Multiculturalism, Youth and Diversity” by discussing how important community is for Sudanese children, youth and their families.


I begin with prayer: as we live this life, God, we ask that you take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ within this community. Help us to develolp a strong connection, build long lasting relationships and ultimately be Christ’s Light to His people.
Pakenham Congregation, have explored their community and seen a large population of Sudanese children, youth and families.
That is why Pakenham engaged Pastor Riak Kiir to take on the responsibility of building bridges between church and other service networks in the mission area.

In addition, he has been providing Pastoral Support to South Sudanese parents and their children, especially pre-school aged children, by linking them with appropriate services and programs.
Some tasks that I have been taking on have been:
• Helping Sudanese women with obtaining citizenship, passports or travel document/s.
• Assisting individual families with their personal finances and helping maintain a budget for these families.
• Engaging with the Cardinia Shire Council
• Assisting our Christian schools in addressing cultural understanding

Our Sudenese Community also have received support from our local women’s choir that gather in a home in Cranbourne west, who assist in sharing and encouraging those that have lost a loved one. They have helped families with funeral services, and by being an encouraging light with words and support.
Pastor Riak Kiir was recently invited to share the Word of God with the Sudanese Anglican church at their Sunday service. In this way he is building a strong connection to engage with their youth, families by supporting the broader Sudenese community.
Pastor Riak also supports other groups like the Dinka group who gather every Sunday evening at St Michael & St Luke’s Heatherton Rd Dandenong and another group that gathers at St Andrew Uniting Church Berwick in the Afternoon with their own pastor.

Pastor Riak & Editor, Sarah Manase