On Saturday, 18th August, the Presbytery had our August Presbytery in Council meeting as a hybrid meeting in Glen Waverley Uniting Church and on Zoom.

Tom Spurling, the Presbytery Chair led Presbytery a call to worship and led us in an opening prayer. Mike You (Minister of Endeavour Hills) and his wife Hee-Jong led the presbytery with opening Hymn, “Where the Spirit is there’s freedom” by Jonas Jonson. The reading from Genesis 13:8-12, was read in Dutch by Anneke Oppewal and Romans 8:26-39 was read in English by Tracie Mulia, Pastor at St Andrew’s Gardiner. James Douglas (Minister of St Luke’s Mt Waverley) preached which had been prepared as a recording. He reflected on ‘journeying’ from the story of journey of Abraham and Lot returning from Egypt reflecting on Craig Mitchell’s conclusion of his placement as Presbytery Minister Church Development.

Tom led the Liturgy of Release for Craig Mitchell from his role as Presbytery Minister Church Development. Tom including Anne Kim, Presbytery Secretary and Nigel Hanscamp, as a Synod representative recognised and acknowledged Craig’s dedication and his work at the Presbytery and at eLM. The Presbytery released Craig from his responsibilities from his duties as Presbytery Minister Church Development of Port Phillip East Presbytery.

The Presbytery welcomed Jay Robinson, who will be our new Presbytery Minister Team Leader commencing in January 2024. We also welcomed Virginia Lavaki to our Presbytery, who was inducted as the Younger Generations Multicultural Communities Coordinator at eLM.

Ross Pearce (Minister of Frankston congregation) and Kelly Skilton (Younger Generations  – New and Digital Ministries placement at eLM) shared stories about the Somers Camp and their beautiful experience with the Camp people.

After a break, Robin Yang facilitated the Act2 project, which was presented by Jess Hateley Browne from the Act2 Project Team. The participants joined to small groups and people on Zoom were divided into breakout rooms for further work on Collective Discernment Response form. The participants were encouraged to express and deliver their thoughts and opinions to the Act2 project team.

On behalf of the Presbytery Ministry Team, I would like to thank the Glen Waverley congregation for hosting the meeting with such a lovely hospitality, well equipped IT facilities and special thanks for the members who spent their precious Saturday morning to assist the meeting. We also thank Mike You and Hee-Jong for leading songs and music, James Douglas for his devotions and prayers of thanksgiving and intercession, Ross and Kelly for sharing about the Somers camp and Nigel for accompanying with Virginia and Ji Zhang for his final reflection and taking lovely photos of the meeting.

Many people appreciated James’ prayer from the Presbytery meeting Saturday and I would like to share the prayers with James’ permission. For a copy, please follow the link here