Craig Mitchell hosted an online conversation and “show and tell” with Will Nicholas and Kelly Skilton about faith formation in online communities. on Wednesday 27 April. Two years ago we commenced this online series, not knowing how COVID was going to have an impact on our churches and our lives.

We explored a range of online platforms, from very simple to more complex.

QiqoChat an event add-on for Zoom
Craig demonstrated the template that he had set up for the online national Songwrite weekend in November 2022.
Note: QiqoChat can gave a range of embedded tools – one per room. Some are a challenge to get working, but others are pretty straightforward.

SpatialChat – 3D conversation, meeting and conference spaces

Kumospace meeting rooms

Twitch – online community and display platform

Discord – online community platform
Will and Kelly talked about how the Sonder Collective uses both Twitch and Discord.

Also Craig mentioned Miro and Padlet as online sharing tool sites.

You can view the edited video on our PPE Youtube channel or right here.

Rev Will Nicholas is a UC minister who hosts a range of digital communities and projects.

Kelly Skilton is a youth & young adult worker who co-ordinates the Sonder Collective, a hybrid network of young adults.

Dr Craig Mitchell is an educator who experiments with online learning and meeting environments.

Further Blended Faith Formation seminars are being planned for 2022.