We recently hosted an online seminar with Rev Amanda Nicholas exploring digital tools for faith formation and education. Amanda has recently been leading intergenerational ministry in churches in Tasmania and Victoria, and hosts the blog “Growing Faith Downunder” and the lectionary podcast “Tea With Two Revs”. Amanda demonstrates a range of free authoring tools available on the Internet and give you ideas for creating your own interactive online learning experiences. There is be a focus on younger generations, however many of the tools are applicable for any age. We also discuss what Amanda is learning about faith development in online environments.

Here is the video of the 90 minute session.

Amanda spoke about the importance of intentional Christian education, the shift to individualised learning, and the importance of understanding people’s diverse learning styles.

She offered a six step planning process – Entering, Engaging, Exploring, Embodying, Expressing, Experiencing.

Amanda’s gave a recipe for planning, using the TV show Masterchef as a metaphor for creating a great learning experience.

Here are some of the resources from the session.

Amanda’s blog – growingfaithdownunder.org – Visit for more links, information and ideas.

Amanda on Facebook

Google Classroom

Google Jamboard

Google Presentations

Google Arts & Culture

This has been part of our Hybrid Faith Formation Seminar Series – See more videos

Amanda is hosting four online sessions on digital planning for Advent. Click here for details.