Welcome to this session on finding new music for Advent and Christmas, part of SongWrite 2022, led by Alison Campbell Rate, Jay Robinson (Murrumbeena), and Duncan Macleod (St Leonard’s Brighton Beach).

Song – Get Ready – Gerry Holmes (All Together Whatever 420)
Recording from God Gives 4 Christmas Advent songs.


What criteria do we use to choose songs?

Here’s a music curation guideline document used by Leichardt Uniting Church in Sydney.

Leichardt music curation guidelines (link to their website)


Advent Song, Duncan
score and PowerPoint

Christmas time is Near – Alison (Advent, Christmas & Epiphany CMLA
A 3-verse song but if using as a ‘building song’ for the 4 weeks of Advent contact Alison for the extra verse.

Emmanuel Carol – Gael Berberick (All Together for Good 514)

O what a wonderful Gift – Linnea Good (The Good Book) (YouTube)

Get Ready – Gerry Holmes (All Together 420)

Blue Christmas

God’s love here dwells, Jennifer Hughes

O come O come Emmanuel

Silent night

Children songs

Wonderful Christmas King (contact Alison)
The Jersey Cow came mooing (Carol Our Christmas)
Don’t Tell Anyone (Carol Our Christmas)

Unchurched gathering

When Jesus was born – Judith Waldron & Beth Barnett (Scripture Union) (also kids)
Video from Banyule Network


A Star is Shining Alison (Advent Christmas and Epiphany CMLA, or contact Alison)

Child of Light (Advent Christmas and Epiphany CMLA, or contact Alison)

Sing with angels, David MacGregor (togethertocelebrate.com.au) and more


Living in the Light – Linnea Good (The Good Book)
Spirit lead us – Phil Somerville, Paddington UCA
You Are the Light – Steve Bevis


All Together (Robin Mann)
– All Together All Right (2014) White
– All Together For Good (2007) Purple
– All Together Whatever (2001) Yellow
– All Together OK (1996) Red
– All Together Everybody (1991) Orange
– All Together Again (1983) Blue
– All Together Now (1980) Green

Singing the Journey (2021) – Douglas A Simper

Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, Centre for Music, Liturgy & The Arts (Jennifer Hughes)

The Good Book, Volumes I & II Linnea Good

New Zealand Hymnbook Trust
– Alleluia Aotearoa (1993)
– Carol Our Christmas (1996)
– Faith Forever Singing (2000)
– Hope is our Song (2009)
available from Philip Garside Publishing

Paddington Uniting Church (Paul Somerville)

Heather Price, Carols in the Sun

Uniting Creative, NSW/ACT

Leigh Newton
Christmas in the Shed
– Christmas in the Scrub

Curation Sites

Singing from the Lectionary

Together to Celebrate (David MacGregor)

UCA Music

SongSelect (CCLI)

Spirited & Singing (Lucy Graham)

Emu Music