“In multicultural communities we love alongside one another. In cross-cultural communities, there is some reaching across boundaries. In intercultural communities there is comprehensive mutuality, reciprocity and equality.” We live in an increasingly multicultural society, and many of our our congregations are also growing in cultural diversity. Yet the Anglo heritage remains the dominant culture within the church, and English the primary or even the language used in public discourse. What might it mean for our church leadership, our worship and our communication to be more inclusive of our rich cultures? What do people’s different experiences of spirituality and Christian faith bring to our Christian education, our community life, and our expressions of mission?

Dev Anandarajan from the Synod eLM unit recently provided input to a conversation among PPE ministry agents and leaders about the vision of becoming an intercultural church. The gathering provided opportunity for people to reflect on their own experience and identify some of the issues in their own congregations. Being intercultural is more than being tolerant and accepting, sharing ethnic food and music. It is more than mutual appreciation. There is a journey toward equality and two-way giving and sharing at the heart of becoming an intercultural church.

Here is the video of Dev’s  presentation. Note that there are some problems with the audio quality.

Becoming an Intercultural Church – Download Presentation PDF

eLM is hosting a workshop “Navigating the landscape – Building Intercultural Communities” on Wed 3 November, 9.30am – 4.00pm. Details here.

More resources and contact Dev here.