A reflection for 10 voices

1. I remember being jostled along by a huge crowd, people shouting,
going crazy. I couldn’t quite see who was making things so wild.

2. I remember hearing people praising God, singing their hearts out.
I was shaking all over, almost feeling whatever it was that stirred them so deeply.

3. I remember watching him speak, almost idolising him. Such charisma, such a gift.
It was as if I was special, just by being close to such greatness, such presence.

4. I remember so much of what he said… truths that cut to my heart, questions
that shook my foundations. I almost thought I needed a new mind to take it all in.

5. I remember sitting at a meal table… the food and laugher.. the bottle of wine
and serious talk of revolution. I felt that we were so close to true solidarity, to real

6. I remember late night supper around the campfire… the flickering light…
our flushed faces… the cup passed around… it really tasted like the sweetness
of friendships that might last forever.

7. I remember arguing almost every day… it was such a long road… too long…
we started out as best of friends, like brothers. At the end it was as if we’d come
close to not talking at all…

8. I remember waiting… just sitting and waiting… after all, he told us to… but wait
for what? And though I didn’t know why, I could feel the anguish, the struggle.

9. I remember promising. I promised so much. I had to. He deserved it from me.
From all of us. I can still hear the echoes of my silence when they questioned me.

10. I remember expecting… expecting him to come back and rescue me. He was
that kind of person. But he’d been taken away. And just his absence almost felt
like a betrayal.

1. I remember the whisper of hope
2. I remember the babbling fear
3. I remember the tender grace
4. I remember the kiss of death
5. I remember the taste of togetherness
6. I remember the bitter betrayal
7. I remember the scent of expectation
8. I remember the stench of denial
9. I remember the look of love
10. I remember the hidden guilt
All: I remember

by Craig Mitchelll
from Deeper Water: Resources for Immersive Worship, Mediacom Education, 2021.
Reproduced with permission.