Robert Bos has written Leaders in God’s Mission, six studies for elders, church councils and others, designed to help focus on what is really important – to exercise leadership in the mission of God in the world. The booklet was published by Mediacom in 2015 and has been used by church councils across Australia.

The studies could be used on a retreat, where people will have quiet time to read, pray, ponder and then discuss it with others. Alternatively, one study could be used at each regular meeting over a period of time.

Study 1: The Church in the twenty-first century
This study explores the mission of the congregation in a post-Christendom context. What are the spiritual searches we find in our local community?

Study 2: On God’s mission
This study explores the question, “What purpose does God have for the church? What is essential to being church and what are simply habits from the past?”

Study 3: The Congregation in the mission of God
This study explores the congregation as a community following God’s mission in the world, lived out in worship, witness and service.

Study 4: The Church Council in the mission of God
This study looks at the move away from the parish structure, with parish council and elders council, to a church council structure. In many cases the church council agenda has been focused on finance and property. How might the Church Council lead the congregation to a fuller participation in Christ’s mission in the world?

Study 5: Leadership as a spiritual exercise
This study looks at the importance of leaders and managers in each congregation. How do Church Council agendas reflect both priorities?

Study 6: Sharing the joy
This study looks at ways in which congregations might be communities in which Christian faith is shared and expressed.

Rob Bos served the Uniting Church in Australia and beyond in a wide variety of roles in ministry, education, and training. He died in February 2021.

The book is available as a PDF or printed book from Mediacom Education in Adelaide.