Tuesday July 27 2021

This morning Premier Dan Andrews and team gave us the good news that the government is lifting the lockdown we’ve experienced this last two weeks, as of midnight tonight.

The following restrictions have been put in place for the next two weeks, through to midnight Tuesday August 10.

Travel and Work

As of midnight Tuesday July 27, Victorians will be able to leave their homes for any reason, with freedom to travel across Melbourne and regional Victoria.
The Authorised Worker List will no longer apply, meaning businesses and venues can reopen with capacity and density limits of 1 person per 4 square metres. Victoria will return to the rule that if you can work from home, you should work from home, but office workers will be able to return up to 25 per cent or up to 10 people, whichever is greater.

Meeting in public places, not in homes

Gatherings in the home are still not permitted. That means we’re not to be visiting people in their homes. We can still meet each other in cafes, restaurants, workplaces and other public places such as church buildings. The reasoning behind this is that these places have COVID safety plans in place, and that someone has been assigned to ensure that QR codes are being used for recording attendance. This is crucial for the purposes of tracking in the event of another outbreak of COVID in the community.

Masks will continue to be required everywhere indoors and outdoors (except private residences), unless an exception applies.

Religious Gatherings

Religious gatherings and ceremonies are permitted for up to 100 people indoors and up to 300 people outdoors. This would normally include worship services, prayer gatherings, age-related groups, and council meetings. A density quotient of 1 person per 4 square metres applies. A venue smaller than 100 square metres can have up to 25 people per venue before the density quotient applies. COVID Check-in Marshals must ensure all attendees check-in. We still encourage people to use online meeting platforms wherever possible.


Funerals (indoor and outdoor) are permitted with 50 people (and those necessary to conduct the funeral). Children under 12 months old are not counted towards this cap. COVID Check-in Marshals must ensure attendees check-in.


Weddings are permitted with no more than 50 people (including the two persons being married and two witnesses. The celebrant and photographer are not included in the cap). COVID Check-in Marshals must ensure attendees check-in. Dance floors are not permitted.

More from the Victorian Government

See the Victoria Government announcements from Tuesday July 27: Lockdown lifted across Victoria, where you can download the Premier’s announcement and a table of restrictions. The table includes information on who can visit hospitals and care facilities.