Pilgrim Theological College has published the timetable for Semesters One and Two, 2023. Subjects are offered in a range of ways, making use of the learning space at the Centre for Theology & Ministry in Parkville, as well as online learning technology.

  1. Face to face: Come to the Centre for Theology & Ministry in Parkville to be in the classroom throughout the semester
  2. Online-Synchronous: be available online throughout the semester at the time indicated on the timetable to complete this unit.
  3. Online Asynchronous: you can complete this unit by studying online in your own time.
  4. Blended: A mixture of study in your own time and at a time designated.
  5. Intensive Units: be present in the classroom or online on the dates specified.

See the Pilgrim Theological College timetable and information on courses at pilgrim.edu.au (when the website is working). In the meantime, you can download the 2023 timetable on the Presbytery website: Pilgrim Timetable 2023

Morning lectures are 9.30 to 12.30 pm. Afternoon sessions are 2 to 5 pm. Evening sessions are 6 to 9 pm.

Most subjects are available to study at different levels. The subjects in bold are those that can be studied as undergraduate entry level.

Contact Pilgrim Theological College Registrar Erlinda Loverseed if you’re interested in enrolling in one of these subjects.

Semester One

February 27 to June 2

Worship in Context (Monday mornings and Afternoons)

Introduction to Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (Tuesday Mornings)

Working out Salvation: Theology & Ethics in Paul (Tuesday mornings)

Radical Legacies: Faith, Activism and Social Change (Tuesday afternoons)

Philosophy for Understanding Theology (Wednesday mornings)

Luke-Acts (Wednesday mornings)

Advanced Greek Reading (Thursday mornings)

Christianity’s Dangerous Memory (Thursday mornings)

Practicing a Missionary Church: Forming a Community of Christian Witness (Thursday afternoons)

New Testament Greek A (Thursday afternoons)

God’s Existence: Defensible or Delusion? (Thursday evenings)

Semester Two

July 31 – November 3

Jesus the Christ in World Christian Perspective (Tuesday mornings)

Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs, Judith, Susannah: Allusive, Unconventional, Subversive, Resistance (Tuesday afternoons)

Belief After Philosophy: Postmodernism and Religious Faith (Wednesday mornings)

The Cracking of Christendom: Theological Issues of the Reformation (Wednesday evenings)

Intercultural Theology & Missiology: An Introduction (Thursday mornings)

Introduction to the New Testament (Thursday afternoons Thursday evenings)

New Testament Greek B (Thursday afternoons)

Modern Self as Subject (Thursday evenings)

Intensive Units

Uniting Church Theology and History (6-10 February)

Mary: Feminist Theological Revisions (17-18 March 14-15 April, 12 May)

Christianity’s Big Ideas (24-25 March, 21-22 April, 5-6 May)

Children and Families Ministry issues and Context (15,16, 17, 20, 21, 22 February)

Psalms: Exegetical and Theological Study (10-13 July, 11-12 August)

Doctrine, Truth and Pluralism (4, 18 August, 1, 15 September, 20 October)

Life Abundantly in Christ: An Introduction to Pastoral Theology and Pastoral Psychology for Ministry Practice (6,7,9 October, 3,4,6 November)

The Nurture and Spiritual Guidance of Chidlren in Global Perspective (22-24, 27, 29 November)

Speaking of Christ (25-26 August, 8-9 September, 13 October)