Australia’s five yearly national census is almost upon us, which means that 2021 is also time for the five yearly National Church Life Survey (NCLS) conducted across Christian denominations around the country. The PPE Standing Committee has agreed to request all congregations in the presbytery to undertake both the members and leaders surveys in October-November this year.

The NCLS has been running for 30 years and is respected internationally as providing valuable information for church leaders to understand their church members’ attitudes towards congregational life, worship, faith development, community service, and matters of social concern. Along with the leaders’ survey, the data becomes a resource to aid discernment and planning. The aim is not to compare churches, but to assist churches to look at themselves in the mirror. This is an incredibly helpful set of tools.

Dr Craig Mitchell will be co-ordinating the presbytery’s engagement with the NCLS. More information about the NCLS and how it works will be available in the coming months. For now, you can learn more about it here.