The Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania is invited to engage more deeply into this journey of Walking Together. The key aspects of this journey are reflected in deep listening, creating and broadening of relationships between First and Second Peoples, taking responsibility for justice and truth telling, and of ensuring that the voices of First Peoples are heard and respected within the leadership of the Church and its Councils.

The Journey of Walking together as First and Second Peoples is our Synod’s expression of the Covenant between the UAICC (Uniting Aboriginal and Island Christian Congress) and the UCA (Uniting Church in Australia).

Download the  Walking Together Covenanting Guide 2021

The purpose of this Guide is:

  • to continue to encourage one another and the Councils of the UCA to affirm and re-commit to the Covenant with the UAICC,
  • to continue to encourage the building of relationships with local First Peoples communities where our Congregations, Presbyteries and Synod are located,
  • to continue to educate the Church,
  • to continue to encourage the Church to engage and deepen relationships between First and Second Peoples,
  • to continue to inspire the Church to take action, make commitments and instigate change.

The Guide was prepared by the Covenanting Action Plan Working Group, under the auspices of the Synod of VicTas.

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