Do you want to know more about supporting people who are living with the impact of trauma, distress or life changing disruptions?
Our Presbytery Minister Pastoral Anneke Oppewal has 30+ years experience in pastoral care, is a psychotherapist, and has received specialist training for working with people with PTSD and PTS, anxiety, depression, palliative care and bereavement.  Anneke is holding a workshop on Zoom, this is for anyone who is involved in pastoral care or just wants to know more…. 

All of us, during our life time, will meet with events and experiences that will challenge our equilibrium and cause distress. How these experiences affect us and how we respond to them will vary from person to person, dependent on our personality, history and context. Supporting people when they go through these times of distress and destabilisation can be something we encounter in a pastoral care setting.

When this happens it can be helpful to have some understanding about what trauma is, how it works and what we can do to best to support and care for people that find their stability challenged