Who was Jesus Christ and what did he do to make the earliest Christians believe he was God made human?

Exploring this question requires more than studying history, the bible and theology. It is a question we come to with our own experience of faith.

Over eight weeks we will put Jesus of Nazareth in his historical context to understand how his Jewish tradition shaped who he was on earth. We will look closely at his mission of healing (including exorcisms) and how his own suffering and sacrifice on the cross help us understand the place of suffering in our own lives. We will explore how central resurrection is in understanding who Jesus was and how subsequent generations came to see Jesus as both fully human and fully divine. Traditionally Jesus’ divinity has been explained through the doctrine of the trinity, but we will spend time uncovering the often neglected but exciting area of Wisdom Christology. We will conclude by actively reflecting on who each of us understands Jesus to be, especially in our relationship to him and each other.

Please join them in what promises to be a stimulating and enriching exploration of the central figure of our faith. Each week you will have an opportunity to engage with written materials sent to your inbox and discuss these and other interesting topics during the interactive sessions.