Here is a Call to Worship from my new worship book, Deeper Water. The text for the day was Mark 4:35-41 – Jesus calming the storm.

Call to Worship

L: Welcome to a calm place
R: Where we put aside our daily cares
L: Welcome to an honest place
R: Where we wake up to the world’s troubles

L: Welcome to a quiet place
R: Where we sit in solitude for a while
L: Welcome to a rowdy place
R: Where we open our ears to the world’s cries

L: Welcome to a peaceful place
R: Where we are reminded of what is good
L: Welcome to an unsettling place
R: Where we see more clearly what is wrong

L: This is God’s world – beautiful
R: This is God’s world – broken
L: We are here – beautiful and broken
R: We are here – broken and beautiful

L: May this be a calm, quiet and peaceful place
R: May this be an honest, rowdy, and unsettling place
L: God of the stillness
We settle and wait for you
R: God of the storm
We hold fast and wait for you

L: Meet us. Greet us.
Shake us. Remake us.
R: We trust and we tremble.
We worry and we hope.
L: There is no place that is not yours
There is no time that is not yours
R: This is your place.
This is your time.
We are your people.
Carry us today, we pray.

Copyright Craig Mitchell 2021.

Deeper Water is available from Mediacom Education.